Deliberative Democracy in Canada

Opening paragraph

Deliberative democracy is a rich ideal. It invokes a democratic system of governance in which citizens actively exchange ideas, engage in debate, and create laws responsive to their interests and aspirations. Canada appears to have good prospects for realizing interconnected sites, forums, and procedures informed by its central principles of citizen participation, inclusion, equality, reasoning, agreement, and empowerment.

Closing paragraph

Do we want to be more fully engaged as human beings, community members, and citizens? Do we want to have an active, direct, and meaningful voice in our governance? Do we want to be responsible, dialogical knowledge seekers who aim to govern ourselves on the basis if publicly discussed and debated reasons and mutually acceptable resolutions? Or are we content as passive recipients of policies imposed on us by those with political and corporate power? Are we content with mere illusions of democracy?

Democratic Illusion
Deliberative Democracy in Canada in Canadian Public Policy
Genevieve Fuji Johnson