There was Always a Story

Every culture is a complex of stories, a multilayered complex of stories. In childhood we are read stories and we love it when they are repeated endlessly, again and again. We become mesmerized by a good story. We never tire of a good story.

Every society has its shamans. They are revered storytellers of each society. The effective storytellers, the shamans, become the leaders of a culture. They are the ones who effectively reflect reality and influence human behaviour.

Everybody has a story to tell. Most people want to tell their story, and people should be encouraged to tell their stories. Today, with new social networks, this urge is increasingly satisfied. More and more people are sharing their stories through Facebook, twitter, Youtube, blogging, etc. Storytellers need audiences, people who are willing to listen, to become engaged in the process. It would appear that we are living in an age of the renaissance of storytelling and shamanism.

Why should one listen attentively to these stories? People reveal themselves in their storytelling. Stories are tied into the culture. Stories reveal the human values of a culture. By paying attention, by listening to these stories, you can begin to understand how the lives of people are connected to the culture and how the stories reveal the many threads, the endlessly interwoven threads and strands of a people and their culture. Every society weaves its own varied tapestries of itself through its stories. It is here that we can find the value structure of a society.

Martin Goldberg and Howard Aster
from Affinity Beyond Branding

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